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Paratus Organic Farm House

Building green means building better


Own your dream farm house with An “Organic Touch”

Paratus BuildCon Private Limited has taken an initiative to come up with a concept of “Organic Way of Living”, with “Paratus Organic Farm House” which plays a vital role of getting you back to the hands of Mother Nature and ensuring you a healthy living concept with an Organic Touch.

Paratus Organic Farm House concentrates symbolizes a safe retreat, a place to find solace, unspolit company if loved one’s natural organic rhythms with the four seasons and the cycles of life.

Paratus Organic Farm House puts a keen attention towards your health as in the current urban living which is accelerating itself with a boost of malnutrition and use of intoxicants for a fast growth of eatables, hence “Paratus Organic Farm House” diversify the living concept and have introduced the Organic Way of Farming with a beautiful farm house in the area.